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Henriette Duckert

Henriette Duckert amazes any ceramic lover with her very 'one of af kind' vessels. Her ceramics are full of spikes. These are sharp, and are placed neatly side by side on the ceramics and form a round pattern. Firstly, the ceramics are hand thrown by the ceramicist. Hereafter the spikes are formed and carefully placed on the ceramics. The spiked vases, lidded jars and bowls are very popular and they are not long on our webshop, before being shipped off to our happy ceramic customers. The reason is pretty clear. Henriette Duckert makes ceramic tableware for everyday use, but the ceramics are far for 'normal'. In fact, we have never seen anything like it. The spiked design is very gorgeous and handmade with the ultimate perfection.

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Henriette Duckert has been sitting by the wheel and had her hands in the clay for many years. She is an experienced ceramicist who still hand throw her ceramics, which she is very passionate about doing.

She started as a pupil at Potter Klaus Encke's workshop in 1966 and with ceramicist Connie Walther in 1970 to 1971. Since then she has had her own workshop in Copenhagen and in 1985 she opened a new workshop in Silkeborg.

The ceramics coming from the hands of ceramicist Henriette Duckert are not just one of a kind but also functional ceramics. It is very important for Henriette Duckert that her ceramics are everyday products that can be used in our daily lifes and not just being admired on the shelf. For many years she has been throwing ceramics on the wheel, both in the material of porcelain and stoneware. After having worked on the clay on the wheel, she decorates the vessels with the fine spikes that are neatly placed on it the product. The decorations are made with ceramic colours that Henriette Duckert blend herself. 

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