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Ditte Fischer

Ditte Fischer has great success with her ceramics in both Denmark and abroad, and the reason why is pretty clear to us. We love her classis, nordic design. The boat bowls were the beginning of her success, and therefore they also have a great significance to her. The classic lines and the graphical expression on the design of the boat bowls have been the inspiration to many of the other products she has designed since. Besides the boat bowls, we have a large selection of her vases, flower pots and cups in ceramics, and in many lovely colours. Her cups are very popular and can certainly be called a ' ceramic success '. 
Ditte Fischer runs her workshop and business together with her husband in Copenhagen. 

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Ditte Fischer graduated from the Danish Design School in 1995. Since then she has designed and manufactured porcelain tableware in her workshop in Copenhagen.

The Nordic simplicity is one of the highlights of Ditte's ceramics. Inspired by Denmark, Norway and Iceland, Ditte Fischer has created her own aesthetic. The pure design is beautifully crafted and adds a lovely touch of Nordic look to your home. We highly recommend her high quality ceramics. 

INSTAGRAM: unika_k