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Helle Gram

Helle Gram's ceramics have received many positive remarks in various home magazines and newspapers, not only Danish but also foreign. Most often the mug Chubby, with the round design and the distinctive handle, is mentioned and shown in print media and online. And it is also the most popular Helle Gram item on our webshop. The handmade Chubby mug is available in many colours. And it is incredibly difficult to choose between all the devine colours. Fortunately, the trend in ceramics is to blend colours and designs on the table!

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From where do ceramicist Helle Gram get her inspiration to her work?

Helle Gram has been working with clay and ceramic design for many years. She often get inspired in her everyday life. Inspiration to new products often come from small things from her everyday life. That could be from a walk in the woods, or a trip to the grocery. Also, changes and developments in our eating habits and lifestyles are a source of inspiration to new products. 

Helle Gram likes colours very much and all her mugs, bowls, plates, pitchers, small vases are availabe in many colours. They are carefully selected so that lots of them fit together nicely. You will always be able to find a colour that you like in her collection. 

INSTAGRAM: unika_k