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Ceramic design on the meeting table!
On the meeting table you have the opportunity to show your ambition to be unique. Like the paintings on the wall or the chairs around the meeting table, - the coffee cups, plates, bowls ect also show your values. Products from unika:k show quality, creativity and something unique. The products are in contrast to the traditional mass-produced cups.

At unika:k you will find a large selection af Denmarks most exclusive and handmade ceramics. The different designs (stel) mostly consist of cups, milkjugs and sugar bowls. Besides these products some of the ceramic designers also design plates, bowls, teapots, tea-light holders and vases. 

Designed and made in Denmark! unika:k has selected some very talented Danish ceramic designers. At this moment the collection consist of ceramics from 26 Danish ceramic designers. All products are handmade - and only 2 out of the 26 ceramic designers have outsourced some of their production to outside Denmark. However, everything i still handmade. So we can state, that it is almost every product that is designed and produced in Denmark in the (værksted) of the ceramic designer. 

You are more than welcome! Give us a call or send us an e-mail, if you would like a suggestion to the ceramic design, that will suit your business values and needs.

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