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about unika:k

Buying ceramics is pretty fancy business these day!

unika:k is a webshop that represents Danish and international, handmade ceramics. The products are mostly cups, jugs, vases, bowls, plates, teapots - ceramics to be used on the table. A nicely handmade ceramic cup has been the 'kick off' to unika:k. In Danish the 'k' in unika:k represents 3 words: cup (in Danish: kop), ceramics (in Danish: keramik), and creativity (in Danish: kreativitet). 
We adore cups! (and other ceramic handmade items) – but not the massproduced traditional cups that you see on every corner. For us, a unique cup is the result of the ceramic designers creative production and talent. The ceramic designer is in charge of the whole process and that applies liveness and story the to products.

We want to learn about the ceramic designer. We appreciate the story behind the product which gives the product a unique and invisible value in the mind of the consumer. A cup is not just a cup. Most of us uses the cup several times a day. And it gives a satisfaction in knowing where the cup comes from, who the ceramic designer is and knowing the idea behind the product.

Everybody has a favorite cup! The cup is often by our side either at work or at home. You may not have noticed it but maybe you unknowingly reach out after the same cup day after day. Interested in cups or not, we tend to have an idea about in which cup we prefer to drink our coffee or tea. The cups on the webshop (and all the other ceramic products) are handmade by the ceramic designer and you can well say that a person is 'behind' the product. The ceramic designers strive to meet our requirements to the cup.
unika:k is the place where you find your special cup, that you will choose when you for exampel enjoy some of your special moments : When you, on a cold autumn day, warm your hands on a hot cup of warm chocolate and a good book in the other hand! - When you work in front of your laptop and enjoy a cup of coffee! - When you are gathered around good friends and family! -  When important business meetings are held and the essentiel of a professional and designed business environment is appreciated  and valued!

We can proudly welcome you in the Danish webshop consisting of Danish ceramic designs, designed by successful Danish ceramicists. Find your new favorite cup or vase for the flowers in your garden, at

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