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Kirsten Høholt

Kirsten Høholt hand throws her lovely mugs in white porcelain. The small dots are so fine and beautiful on the mugs. She follows the importance of going against the 'throwing away culture' by offering a handmade cup that of couse costs more than mass produced cups, but will give you so much more value for many years. The handmade mugs have life and soul that we are able to identify ourselves with. It is interesting to look at and to drink from at all time, and it will never just be placed on the shelf, unused and out of interest. She aims at throwing mugs that continue to be interesting and that inspire for use, no matter of the current trend. We like this way of thinking, and would also like to get rid of the 'throwing away culture'. The choice of handmade, makes you appreciate your carefully chosen ceramic products much more. And that buying for instance 2 mugs is much more self satisfying than buying 10 cheap, mass produced mugs that are just being placed on the shelf.

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Kirsten Høholt has her workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. She works with one of a kind ceramic hand thrown cups that are pleasent to drink from and delicious to hold in the hand. The shape is soft and the design is beautiful. The black/dark green dots are cozy and vary from cup to cup. The cups are hand thrown with high perfection in thin white porcelain. The hand thrown fact has a high value for Kirsten Høholt. It awakens the design to life, and gives each mug its own little unique touch. Her fine mugs inspire us to use them, instead of just having them unused on the shelf.

INSTAGRAM: unika_k