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Marinski Heartmades - Ceramics handmade Latte mug, dots and gold line. Teal, blush, coral

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229,00 DKK

Modest but bold. Simple yet unique. These cups are just like the pleasure of drinking coffee –
unpretentious and full of joy. 


Each piece is handmade, skillmade, heartmade, But most of all, it is made to make somebody’s home a little bit cozier. Maybe that somebody is you! Since every piece is handcrafted, slight differences in drawing, color and form may appear. But hey, that’s the charm of handmades!


Colour:  Colourful speckles and golden dots. (colours of warm orange, pink, petrol, gold dots)

Handmade: The watercolor tehnique gives them one-of-a-kind quality, so no cup resembles to another.

Materal: porcelain

W: 6,5 cm 

H: 6,5 cm


Can hold: about 3 dl


Maintenance: All colours and glazes are LEAD FREE and FOOD SAFE. Dishwashers may endanger your piece and spoil its beauty

INSTAGRAM: unika_k