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Made a Mano - Lavastone handmade board/tile, yellow

425,00 DKK

Each piece is hand thrown in porcelain, both the lid and bowl part. The bowl part is unglazed polished porcelain. The lid is finished in a stoneware crackle glaze, filled in with special stain. To clean the lid, wipe with a damp cloth. hite  

Colour: off white

 hand thrown

Material: stoneware

Width: app. 10 - 12,5 cm

Height: app. 4,5 cm

In the unlikely event that the bowl part become marked or stained, a mix of water and bicarbonate of soda will work to get anything off. 
Though the glaze is food and oven safe (not that this product is aimed for food purposes!) it is advised that the lid isn’t submerged underwater. To clean the lid, wipe with a damp cloth
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