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Paper boat press - Word star, just married

109,00 DKK

Model/Product no.: 992535

We just love these ceramic stars by australian ceramic artist and poet Kylie Johnson - Paper boat press. She is a fabulous ceramicist. Her pieces merge poetry and handmade ceramics. It was a wonderful pleasure to meet her in her shop and studio in Brisbane in May this year (2013) - and now we are happy to introduce her ceramics on /

Her ceramics are very popular in her home country, Australia, but has also entered The United States and some countries in Europe - among them Denmark - where unika:k is the first to sell her beautiful pieces on our webshop to all countries. We have 11 of her lovely quote tags - of which 5 of them are specially made for unika:k and only for sale at unika:k. 

The christmas stars with Danish words are only for sale on unika:k. 

This star is with the word LOVE
Colour: off white and the word is in red
Production: handmade in Australia
Material: ceramics
Height: about 7 cm
Width: about 7 cm
Did you know that: Kylie Johnson is also a poet and has published several books?

INSTAGRAM: unika_k